Premium Lanolin Wool Soap: A Gentle yet Effective Care Solution

Wool soap with lanolin (select between lemongrass-lavender and fragrance-free)
- Enriched with organic coconut oil and high lanolin content for superior care
- Plastic-free and palm oil-free, supporting eco-friendly practices
- Concentrated formula ensures effective cleaning with less waste
- Handmade in Estonia with care and attention to detail
- Ideal for woolen nappies and garments, promoting antibacterial and self-cleaning properties

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Why Lanolin Matters:
- Lanolin enhances wool's antibacterial and self-cleaning properties
- Cleanses and restores natural fibers, replenishing lanolin lost during production
- Helps maintain water repellency of woolen nappies, extending the life of the protective layer (the nappy cover also requires a proper lanolin bath before use and an average of 1x a month).

How to Use:
- Soak wool cover in lukewarm water with wool detergent or soap flakes for 15 minutes to remove dirt.
- Gently wash and rinse the woolen item.
- Rub cover with lanolin soap or dissolve soap in lukewarm water and let the cover soak for an additional 15 minutes to restore lanolin layer.
- After washing, roll item into a clean dry towel and press out excess water.

Ingredients (Lemongrass-Lavender Soap):
Organic coconut oil, water, glycerin, pure lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil

Ingredients (Fragrance-Free Soap):
Organic coconut oil, water, glycerin, pure lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide

Our soap is sold without packaging, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Most natural detergents are packaged in a plastic bottle and contain a lot of water in addition to the detergent. A solid detergent is a great alternative if you want to preserve nature, reduce packaging consumption and use a concentrated detergent.

Estimated delivery times:
US, Canada, Australia 2-3 weeks
EU 1-1.5 weeks